Simplicity 1079 Pattern Review

I have been in the need for a good place to keep my crocheting supplies for a while.  My search for the perfect pattern took me to the internet where I found none that I actually liked.  Then I got the brilliant idea to look through all the Big 4 patterns I have in my … Continue reading Simplicity 1079 Pattern Review


Vogue 9253 Pattern Review

If you are in the sewing world, particularly the Instagram sewing world, you may have noticed tons of fellow sewists whipping up Vogue pattern 9253.  I think it's a beautiful design, but sometimes I try to shy away from things that everyone else is making.  Well, McCall's Pattern Company decided to host a contest for … Continue reading Vogue 9253 Pattern Review

How I Contain and Inventory My Fabric Stash

At the beginning of this year, I had one definite goal/ resolution... don't buy anymore fabric!  I had 4 full totes in my craft room closet and many of the spaces in my cube bookcases were stuffed with fabric.  I really wanted to whittle down my stash before buying new fabric.  I would only allow … Continue reading How I Contain and Inventory My Fabric Stash

#HandmadeBirthdayClub pictures

Hey hey hey! Just touching bases with you all.  I know, it's been a long time since I've blogged...blah blah blah... because life.  So I thought I'd just let you see a few of the things I have made since you last heard from me. If you recall, I am in a #handmadebirthdayclub2016 on Instagram.  … Continue reading #HandmadeBirthdayClub pictures

Swoon Sewing Patterns “Ramona” mini-hipster review

I recently joined a Handmade Birthday Club on Instagram where we all make a gift for the person who's birthday falls in a particular month.  January's birthday girl likes Swoon bag patterns and likes the colors granny smith apple and pink.  So I decided to make her the "Ramona" bag by Swoon Sewing Patterns.  Luckily, … Continue reading Swoon Sewing Patterns “Ramona” mini-hipster review

Cheap Talk- How I Got a $50 Cutting Mat for $12.50

I'm so excited to tell you all about my rotary cutting mat!  I have to admit I did not set out to pay only $12.50 for it, but somehow the thrifty stars aligned for me and I got the deal of a lifetime.  My current cutting mat works just fine but unfortunately is too small … Continue reading Cheap Talk- How I Got a $50 Cutting Mat for $12.50